Saturday, February 2, 2008

Box Break: 2007 Sweet Spot Classic

Or should I say pack break? Actually I really like the spot in the market that these cards fall. Essentially you are buying a pretty average box, giving up your commons, and getting your 5 box hits in one pack. While ripping packs is fun, not having to store away hundreds of cards each time I open a box is starting to appeal to me. Instead you know you will be loading a few cards into your good box and moving on. Ok, lets get to the break down.

Sweet Spot Classics is not a new release, instead I am going back in time to pick things up I either missed, or are going down in price after a hot release.

My local hobby shop only had the one tin he ordered for me, so I didn't have a choice of player, but Cal Ripken Jr. will work.

The attractive tin advertises that there will be 5 cards in the pack. Two will be numbered commons to 575. Two will be Classic Memorabilia cards, and one will be a Sweet Spot Signature Card numbered to 175 or less, on average.

My Wife did the pack opening since I get to keep the cards.

Card 1:Growing up and collecting when I did, Shawon Dunston was a popular name. I used to watch highlights all I could to see this guy make throws to first, and he was the first player I could ever remember watching just to see play Defense. In his later years he helped the Giants to the World Series, and made a spectacular play gunning a man down at the plate from Center Field, which prompted me to scream at my TV, "YOU DON'T RUN ON SHAWON DUNSTON!!". Still a vivid memory. As is the memory of him introducing Barry Bonds to the crowd after Barry hit 71 and 72 to break the HR record. I was at that game.

Card 2:OK, I admit, I have never heard of Elroy Face before. According to his card he was a small man, 5'8" 155 lbs, and a pitcher, so I guess that makes him the OG Lincecum or Oswalt. Also According to his card he set the Major League record for win percentage for a season at 18-1. Not bad for a guy who finished his career 104-95.

Card 3:
Now that is a sweet patch card. I never get the three color kind, and this one is nice #/55. I know there are some big Brewer fans out there blogging, so it always is fun to pull a card you know other people will just love. Molitor was an incredible hitter. He just seemed to hit .300 in his sleep.

Card 4:This card got me excited. I very awesome piece of history here. I love the history of the game. I think it is one of the reasons Baseball is so very special. It has grown and survived just as America has grown and survived. Roger Maris also found a way to survive. The chasing of a legend, and not being the guy everyone wanted to do the chasing took a toll on Maris as a man. But to his credit Maris took his toll on opposing pitching instead of those who treated him with scorn. I love this card.

Card 5:OK, so my jersey cards where my big hits. Still, it's a big hunk of wood, it's autographed, and it's a Red Sox. Somebody out there must want to trade for it.

Overall, I really like the product. A dream pull would have been the Christy Mathewson jersey card, but the Maris would have been very high on my list. The Moliter patch is awesome as well. I would certainly buy this product again, for about $100 a pack.


Pricing Boy said...

I would love to get my hands on the Fred Lynn Card. I know we had talked about some Allen and Ginter Mini's I have some more of those that you might be interested in and a ton of other stuff let me know.

Wax Heaven said...

Damn, that's kind of a rough break. I like the Maris, though!

Anonymous said...

Shawon Dunston was my favorite player for a while back in the early 1990s.

Anonymous said...

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