Monday, February 11, 2008

Uzi Madness!!!

Who is Kazuo Uzuki?

I guess I will be joining the ranks of those wondering just who the heck this guy is. I agree with those who feel this is simply an add for the Topps make your own card promotion. What I don’t understand is why the effort in the description to make it seem so real? Why the part about being cut from the WBC? Why the part about lasting impressions. If some proud father wants to make a card about his son hitting 61 homers during the little league season, fine, I get it. Do we need a blurb about him impressing an aging Hank Aaron with his plate discipline and knowledge of the strike zone? It is one thing to exaggerate to sell your product, it is another to lie and lie deceptively. If, in fact, this is a promo stunt, that is what I will be upset about. Not the part about a 16yo throwing 104mph heat. That part anyone can tell you is a lie. It will be the part that tries to make you believe the lie by adding something believable. That is the cruel part.

However, if it turns out Uzi is real, that is ok too.