Sunday, February 10, 2008

2008 Topps Jumbos: Part 2

Ok, lets take a look at another of my favorite parts (this whole set is a favorite part) of Topps 2008 Series 1, the Trading Card History subset. I have exactly 20 of these cards, and I believe it is a 20 card set for series 1, so with some really good luck you could complete the set with two Jumbos. I did not, but I should have the doubles I need to trade for and complete the set. They were obviously seeded at 1 per jumbo pack.

The cards themselves feature both young and star players on classic baseball card designs from the past. Yeah not exactly ground breaking with all the heritage sets that are out there, and really there are not any twists. There are no blurbs on the back talking about the historic cards, and some of the cards can't even say what the emulate due to copy write rules. Most just say what set they represent and then have a standard blurb about the player. The major difference from the heritage sets out there are some of the off the wall designs these cards chose to honor. The cards look great, even the ugly ones because they did it on purpose. They should have talked about the card sets instead of the players though.

TCH1 - Need
TCH2 - Need
TCH3 - Daisuke Matsuzaka T-206

TCH4 - Prince Fielder 1934 Baseball Card

TCH5 Clay Buchholz 1956 Topps

TCH6 Alex Rodriguez T-205

TCH7 Mickey Mantle 1912 C-46

TCH8 Ryan Braun 1960 Topps

TCH9 Albert Pujols 1916 Zeenuts (I pulled 2)

TCH10 Joe Mauer 1941 Baseball Card (I pulled 2)

TCH11 Jose Reyes 1954 Topps (I pulled 2)

TCH12 Joey Votto 1887 Allen & Ginter (I pulled 2)

TCH13 Johan Santana 1933 DeLong

TCH14 Hunter Pence 1922 W573

TCH15 Hideki Okajima 1965 Topps

TCH16 Cameron Maybin 1992 Bowman

TCH17 - Need
TCH18 - Tim Lincecum (bought off e-bay)

TCH19 Mark Teixeira & Jeff Francoeur 1941 Baseball Card

TCH20 Justin Upton 1962 Topps

Great looking cards, tons of fun, just should have talked about the cards instead of the players!

Still an A+ overall compared to last year.


Dylan Sharek said...

I have pulled the Mauer and the Okajima out of random packs and needless to say, I'm in love.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff.

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Anonymous said...

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