Thursday, January 10, 2008

Enough History Already

Sorry for the drawn out history of my return to the hobby. It was all I could think about writing in the beginning, but perhaps something a bit more current is due. Last night was a banner night in the Weasel household. Or as we call it the Weasel Farm. In one glorious afternoon two wondrous packages arrived. The first, 3 boxes of Baseball cards from Dave and Adams Card World. The second... my Ninetendo Wii. What kind of ass gets two things like that in the same day you ask? No I am not rich, no I am not stupid, but yes I am Lucky to have an understanding Wife who allows me to act like a child since we have none. The fact is, the Wii only cost me $200 and a little piece of my soul. In my first ever soiree into the ultra premium world of cards, I worked a full day of overtime to buy a box of Bowman Sterling Football. After heading down to the local card shop, I plopped down a cool $200 on the box. Through the first 5 packs it seemed my 48 hour week was in vain. Then in pack six I saw my Wife pause and stare at a card in slight confusion (we open all the packs together). I could see she was holding a black shinny card, but I couldn't see of who. I asked her to let me see it. It was a beauty. JaMarcus Russell Jersey/Auto Black Refractor #/10. NICE. By far the best card I have ever pulled. Well maybe my Billy Ripken F'face card I got at the mall and then screamed in joy as I showed my Mom how it said F'face. But this was a nice card indeed. I tell you this cause the card is gone now. In what I believed to be a responsible move I decided if I really wanted a Wii, I would have to give up something to get it. So anyway, now I have a Wii, but not a JM Black Refractor. All in all I will get a lot more use out of the Wii.

On the flip side, before all that developed I had made a purchase on DACW and was waiting for my package to arrive. It did, and I had 2 hobby boxes of Topps Updates & Highlights, and 1 box of Topps '52 rookies to open. The same day the Wii came. Good day, huh? I will break down these boxes with scans a little later, but I will say I was disappointed that my Wife didn't get to find a Poley Walnuts card in her packs, I was really hoping she would as I had not told her about it yet. To this day she still thinks the Jack the Ripper card in the TA&G set was the coolest card ever.

Also when there are about 75 possible autographed cards in a set that comes three to a box, what are the chances of getting two of the same three out of 2 boxes bought from different dealers on opposite coasts?