Thursday, January 24, 2008

Stroke of Genius

Well, I haven't posted up any .99 cent bargains in a while, but I doubt anyone missed them much. I do like to post the very cool cards that can be had out there though, for less then an average pack would cost you. I guess I just feel that, in the overpriced world of the hobby, the "one man's trash is another man's treasure" concept can be well applied in building collections that make us happy. When considering that certain cards are only inserted at a rate of 1,2, or 3 packs per box, the chance of snapping these cards up for less then the random pack appeals to me when the subject of the card somehow enhances my overall collection. It can take the form of a player I like, a local team, a particular card design, anything that makes me feel that my collection is a better reflection of myself. So with that being said (and the hope that I might encourage others to look through "another man's trash") here are a few recent .99 cent finds, and one big, Giant (pun intended) splurge.

Street and Harden play ball about an hour from here so there is a local feel, and some eye candy at shows and what not. Most of all I love the card design and it was a easy couple pick ups for cheap with combined shipping. I would have to imagine when this guy pulled these he was disappointed. That is most likely why he listed them on e-bay for .99 cents. To be quite honest I would have been disappointed too, but I didn't drop the hundred on the box, I dropped the $5 to purchase both items and get them shipped. That is less then my local store packs them out for. Especially since he didn't pack out this product. As for Vlad. He is a bad ass. Why would I not want that card? Come to think of it why did the other guy give it up for a buck?

This was the splurge. For half of book value I take home my first Lincecum Auto. Great looking card, great design, great photo, terrible spelling.


Wax Heaven said...

Wow. Nice card. I think Tim might have the best auto in the majors.

On Base Autos said...

That's the kind of signature I was looking for back in 7th and 8th grade when I would practice signing my name trying to come up with something cool.

Fred Sarra said...

Yes, he is consistant with it too. I got an auto of Henry Sosa the other day out of a box and it looked like he messed up signing it, and went back over it again, lol. Some of these guys never thought they would be writing so much, but I think Tim has been practicing since he was a kid.

dayf said...

Ha! Now that's a signature. It's almost like a Prince symbol.