Friday, January 11, 2008


Sometimes you find just the right card to suit you. That was the case for me today on E-Bay. I am a Barry Bonds fan. I will not apologize for that. I don't care that he is an asshole. I am an asshole too for the most part. I don't even want to be stopped out in public by people I know, why would anyone want to be stopped by people they didn't even know? I duck and hide in fact so they won't see me just so I don't have to talk to them. Kids? Don't have them, don't want them, and don't even think yours are that cute. So if I feel this way, why should I care if a baseball player does? As for the steroids thing, guess what, your favorite player was doing them too.

In May of 2003 my Father told me that his long battle with cancer would be coming to an end. My father was the greatest man that I ever had the privilege to know. His fight was courageous but like all of our heroes death was the one thing he could not overcome. Just one week after he told me, I had tickets for all of us to go to a Giants game together. In that one week my father had gone from looking healthy and good, to looking sickly and needing a wheelchair. But he fought through it to brave the brisk air of the San Francisco Bay. Not so much for himself, but to give me that one last memory I so wanted to share with him. Twins got out to an early lead that night. They were up 3-0 and there was little the Giants could do. Bonds tripled to give the giants their first run of the game. They would tie the game in the 8th. In the 9th Bonds was due up a distant 6th, but with a rally the Giants loaded the bases on a 7 pitch walk by Rich Aurillia. That brought up Barry with nowhere to put him and two outs in the inning. Barry won the game with a walk-off hit in the 9th. My last memory with my Dad is the crack of the ball off Barry's bat, and leaving the game with smiles on our faces as my favorite player, the God Son of his favorite player, won the game with two outs in the 9th.

I tell you that to tell you this. If Barry Bonds took steroids to be a better baseball player.... SO BE IT!!! If my favorite player cared that much to risk his own health to be the best he could possibly on the diamond, who am I to complain for the memories he gave me.

Thanks Barry, We Love you!