Saturday, January 19, 2008


Well... I am late to board this train, but I am glad I decided to get on eventually. 2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces was a release that I allowed to slip by after busting two boxes of SP Legendary Cuts which yielded nada, zip, nothing. At that point another historic UD release was not high on my list. Then after an exceptionally weak box of SP Authentic, I was wondering why I broke my habit and bought UD at all, but never being one to learn from my mistake I took on more gamble. For my effort I got 2, not one but two, Carlos Lee Captured on Canvas cards in the same Masterpieces box. I was pretty pissed at that point, but as I sat putting all these cards in sleeves, I noticed something. I really like these cards. They are nice! They look good, feel good, and despite the two Lee's I had to admit it was the best looking jersey card I had seen all year. The on card autos are a nice touch too. So I figured, what the hell, my local shop had another box on the shelf. It couldn't have two more Lee's in it right?
Yeah, this was a step up. Out of two hobby boxes I yielded a complete set 1-90 of the base cards. Six Captured on Canvas jersey cards: Carlos Lee 2, Jeremy Bonderman, Tom Glavine, Hanley Ramirez, and Dontrelle Willis. Two autographed Stoke of Genius cards (with the hilarious misspelling of Masterp'ei'ces on both cards) Hunter Pence, and Cole Hamels. One metallic blue framed card #/50 Frank Thomas. One metallic green framed card #/50 Howie Kendrick. Two black framed cards numbered #/100 Victor Martinez, Justin Morneau, and ten green framed cards (Ruth, Michael Jordan, Clinton, Koufax).

Overall this product is just awesome. The sticker price of $100 was still a bit high for me, seeing what possible pulls there were. However, there is no denying the overall quality of the product. There are some chances for low number parallels, some one of ones, and a chance at the original oil paintings. Those chase cards keep the sticker price up around the century mark, rather then the $65 that seemed more appropriate to me based on the auto and gamer possibilities. The rookie class overall is solid. The veterans and legendary players are well chosen as well for such a small set. The omission of Kirby Puckett's game six heroics is unforgivable, although they give me something to look forward to for next year. PLEASE Upper Deck bring this product back. Spend a little more and get some legend autos and relics, and expand the base set.

I know I am not the first to say how much I enjoyed this set, but I am sure I will also not be the last. These scans really don't do justice to how nice these cards actually look. As always many of these cards are tradeable, just ask.