Monday, January 28, 2008

New Kid on the Block

It has been pointed out to me that I am a new comer to the institution of Baseball Card Blogging. There seems to be some sentiment that every Tom, Dick, or Harry should not be waxing poetic about wax. The fact is the new card blogs popping up are a reflection of the growth of the industry. As people flood to the hobby, they flood to the Internet as well. For the established guard of bloggers, it seems the newcomers are stepping on toes. What was once a cornered market has become an ever expanding collection of new thoughts and ideas. I had no idea when I started this blog that I was out of line for linking to existing blogs, or asking them to link to mine. I figured other blog owners would be happy to have readers and happy to promote other peoples blogs who shared similar interests. I know now that I should have known my place. Apparently you are supposed to write your blog for years before ever hoping to have anyone read it. I figured what was the point of writing if no body knew about it. I saw that my place in the card collecting world differed slightly from the other blogs I was reading. It appeared I was willing to dive into collecting again, where as others preferred to limit or specialize their efforts. I wanted to be a voice for those that bought into the hype, and dropped the big money on a box or two. That doesn't mean I don't love the posts about the truly bad wax out there, I do, I get a huge kick out of them. I just thought there might be others like me that were willing to trust again. Ready to splurge again. Ready to give it another try now that life had settled down, and adulthood had set in. To those of you who have stopped in to check out my thoughts, Thank You. To those of you who have taken the time to comment, THANK YOU. I realize most (if not all) of my commenters have their own blogs. That means blog writers are reading other blog writers. To me, that makes us friends. People who listen to each other and share ideas. I am not interested in talking at you, I want to talk too you. If for any reason I have missed your link e-mail, or any other request you might have sent, send it again. I will be glad to add your link.

I may be a NKOTB, but I came in throwing heat, and I won't stop till I become an HOFer.


dayf said...

My bad, I added you to my RSS feed and not my blogroll. You're in. I got a pile of A&G mini's waiting for you too whenever you're ready.

White Sox Cards said...

I welcome all old or new. Everyone has something relevant to say and I love the diversity that I'm finding.

I may be part of the 2007 wave of baseball card blogs, but I feel more established every day. Most blogs I have encountered have been very accommidating.

Any resistance has usually come from too little time on the other bloggers end. At least that has been my experience.

On Base Autos said...

Not sure what is going on but I am new and I feel the way you do. Heck, I know my blog sucks but I have fun with. As long as I am having fun, I will keep on blogging. It does feel good to get a comment every now and then.

Wax Heaven said...

It definitely was not me. I added you to my links a while ago.

Hey, did you sell the Lincecum on Ebay?

Fred Sarra said...

Please don't anyone feel like I was talking about them. None of you guys did anything like that at all. The support has been great. I can't wait for my next big give away! Although I don't know that I can top a Dan Haren Auto card. WOW!

Fred Sarra said...

Nope, never sold a Lincecum, but I have been known to buy a few.

Funny thing is, watch out for Matt Cain, he is actually the younger of the two and built for the long run. Of the two, he might be the better gamble.

mmosley said...

Oddly enough, I got the same feeling you did. At some point I thought, Can you blog wrong? I have never asked to be linked but I have found my little blog on blogrolls around the interweb. I am having a blast both reading and posting.

Wax Heaven said...

mmosley, I linked you a week ago and I got no love on your blog. :(

mmosley said...

Hey Mario. Check out for your daily dose of LOVE!

Anonymous said...

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