Friday, January 11, 2008


Well, I promised a breakdown of the boxes from Wednesday, but in the process of sorting through the cards I came across this!

Yeah, kind of an idiot for not knowing I had a Joba Chamberlain reverse negative rookie for two full days, but I don't actually expect to pull cards like this. Of couse it is an error card so the bottom will fall out of the value like a rock, but still, pretty cool pull. I probably still wouldn't know I had it but as I was sorting the cards I had a Joba on top and slid the reverse negative one out from below, once they are side by side they scream out at you. Anyway, the card is up on E-Bay now (I am not a big Error card guy) but if anyone wants to make a trade offer I will always listen. I will try to come up with some want lists soon since I am posting more stuff on line now. I am in the process of my first trade with Chis Harris of Stale Gum, and have found the experience thus far terrific.

Out of the other box of Topps Update, at least I assume it was the other box since I didn't even know I had it, came this.

That beauty is numbered #2/7, of course with 493 other home run relics numered to 7 that is at least 3451 of them. Still Mantle Relic and Joba Chamberlain error, this was a Yankee box all around. Now if I just didn't live in San Francisco.

My Box of Topps 52 Rookies will most likely be my last. If anyone out there just have to have a Jensen Lewis or Joseph Bisenius Autograph rookie card, let me know I have bought two boxes, and got one in each. What are the freaking chances of that!?! Less then pulling a Relic numbered to 7 that is really 3451.