Monday, January 14, 2008

Who should return in 2008?

With so many products out there it would behove the Big 2 card companies to look long and hard at which products they chose to bring back, and which to let go bye bye. There is little doubt that certain products go over like a lead balloon, while others that might have had a few bright moments, or years, can tend to wear out and become dated like old moldy bread. Sure the stuff was great when it was fresh, but it just didn't keep. So the question is.... what to keep. In the vain hope that some employees might be looking to us, the baseball card community, for insight, I say we provide what feedback we can. Here are a few ideas I can really get behind.

Bring Back Goudey:

As an "nearly" exclusive Topps collector, there are just a few products I will leave my comfort zone to collect. Hot off the heals of my love for TA&G, I plopped down the cash for a hobby box of this UD product. I have to say, I really like it. That being said the release price of $110 a box was WAY to high. Bring this product back with a $80 tag, and watch it soar off the shelves. It can't be that pricey of a product to make, certainly no more so the TA&G, so don't price out the average collector with the high price tag. Even $90 and you would be more consumer friendly. If you look now you can easily find this product on Dave and Adams for between $80 and $90 now, which makes it a real tempting late season pick up.

Come on Bowman.... Seriously:

I guess this is more of a question then an idea. The question is are we going to honor the Rookie Card logo or not? That is not even the only question. The other is if Bowman will even be honest about their own cards. This First Bowman Card crap is just that.... crap! I have found multiple times already where this logo is fictitiously placed on player's cards who have previous Bowman releases. I for one am in favor of the Rookie Logo, and I would like to see it enforced. One of the reasons this years card sales were as strong as they were is because guys like Lincecum and Joba had their first releases in this years sets. These card companies benefit from the rookie buzz created by guys like Dice-K, Ichiro and Pujols. They need to learn that holding the release of such stars will benefit them greatly in overall sales. Are they seriously that worried about losing market share to Just? As long as other companies can't get the license, there is no need for Upper Deck and Topps to smite themselves by defusing rookie buzz with topps chrome releases 4 years to early. This is Not Cameron Maybin's first Bowman card. Nor is it Adrian Cardenas's in this years Bowman DPP.

Add a Watermaked '08 logo to '52 Rookies:

Pretty soon this is just going to get confusing. If Topps insists in continuing this line, then they are really going to need to differentiate the cards more then just the copywrite logo on the back. It wouldn't kill them to put an '08 on the back of the card or something. Then again an even better idea is to keep the concept, all the rookie eligible players from the given year, and change the design. Anything else just seems lazy.


dayf said...

If Topps had differentiated 2006 '52 Rookies from 2007 '52 Rookies in *any way*, I would have bought three blasters by now instead of only three packs.

If Topps had released '53 Rookies, I would be on my third Hobby box by now.

Kevin said...

Consider this shameless self-promotion, but I also had an idea for what can be done with '52 Rookies: