Monday, January 14, 2008

The Next Griffey Jr.

Can you imagine being a team on the verge of a championship. A team with great pitching, great hitting, fan support, and ownership willing to spend the money to build a championship. Then imagine that you make a trade to bring in Miguel Freaking Cabrera and Dontrelle Freaking Willis. Personally as a Giant fan I can't imagine that. It just isn't possible. Isn't possible that is unless you are willing to part with CAMERON FREAKING MAYBIN! I just can't tell you how disappointing it is going to be that this guy is going to be nearly invisible in Florida until either the Yankees or Red Sox trade for him. I can't even fathom having a prospect like this guy to look forward too. An 8 day stop in Double A where he hit 4 home runs in 8 days before going to the show. At 19? I respect Detroit for the balls to trade this guy, and I don't deny that they got extreme talent for this guy in return. It just breaks my heart that 1k people a game will see this guy put on a Marlins uniform, instead of the millions that should have been watching him in the playoffs and World Series with Detroit.

Is there some kind of ballot when can sign and pass around to get him off the Marlins? Do you think they would take Dave Roberts, Randy Winn, Ray Durham, and Rich Aurillia for him? On second thought they would probably trade him to us just to keep those guys off the team.