Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Two More Box Breaks

I need to remember to get more organized and prior to cracking a box and getting all mixed up, actually pay attention to what I am doing as to give people a usefull box break. Well I am still learning, but I will provide a few visuals of what you will be able to expect to see in some 2007 releases. Clearly E-Bay will provide you plenty of scans, but this is what was actually netted from a box.

First Up: 2007 Upper Deck Artifacts. I bought this because the closeout price seemed fair at $55 and the last time I bought a close-out box of 2006 I ended up with this.

So why not try 2007?

Artifacts says you can expect to find 3 jersey/autos in each box.

Jersey #1

I am not even sure this is an Artifacts jersey. I think this must be a universal UD release as it does not say Artifacts in the copywrite. Would have been more collectable if this was a Braves uni. This is certainly trade bait.

Jersey #2

Sometimes you can like a card more then it's worth. This one is one of those for me. He plays on a local team, nice big jersey swatch, and low number. It's pretty sweet. Plus trade rumors that he could be moved to the Giants? That would be nice.

Jersey #3

It's a Jeter jersey card with a pinstripe and /199. What's not to like.

Jersey #4

Hot Dog! We got a bonus hit! Jersey/Auto to boot. BJ is a good young player. People have cooled toward him for no good reason. He will have a lot of good years and then get delt much like Cabrera. This will be a keeper.


On Base Autos said...

Nice pulls. I wish the Teixiera was in a Braves uniform also.

dayf said...

That's bizarre, I pulled a non- artifacts relic froma blaster box.

Maybe relics from other products is Artifacts' gimmick? Digging up old stuff and whatnot? I'm dang tempted by those cheap hobby boxes though. I'm saving my cash for the 2008 stuff though.